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Sri Venudas


अनंत संसार समुद्र तार नौकायिताभ्यां गुरुभक्तिदाभ्यां

वैराग्य साम्राज्यद पूजनाभ्यां नमो नमः श्री गुरुपादुकाभ्यां

My prostration to holy sandals of mu Guru, which serve as the boat to cross this endless ocean of Samsara, which endow me with devotion to Guru, and which grace with the valuable dominion of renunciation.

Sri Venudas
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Yogacharya Sri Venudas

Born in Kerala, Southern India, home of the most ancient artistic and spiritual traditions, and based in Paris since 1996, Sri Venudas has been teaching across Europe.

Sri Venudas was introduced to the highest spiritual concepts by his grandfather, Sri Deva Perumal, who taught him all the essential notions of teaching and guidance as well as the crucial relationship between pupil and master (Guru Kula). A poet and musician dedicated to the study of Vedanta, Yoga and Ayurveda, Sri Venudas's grandfather was a wise man with a deep love of nature and a great awareness of all its benefits. From the age of four, under his grandfather's guidance, Sri Venudas was exposed to the foundations of Hatha Yoga and classical singing – a legacy which he treasures and has been passionately devoted to ever since.

Known for being a gifted singer, Sri Venudas has performed across Europe and India, and taught music along with the Great Texts of Indian Spirituality (Vedanta, Bhagavad Gita, Yoga Sutras of Pathanjali) and Yoga for over thirty years. He teaches with kindness and beauty the spiritual purity and benefits of the Dharma: that is in harmony with the cosmic laws, physical health and spiritual liberation aiming to reunite with the world.


Hatha Yoga

Traditional Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is an ancient way of life, in harmony with nature. In Indian culture, Bharathiya Samskruthi states that Hatha Yoga represents a purposeful Dharmic Life. This is a life which is established and sustained from generation to generation and is at one with the laws of nature. Hatha Yoga works towards the ultimate goal of Moksha - an incomparable state of liberation and unchangeable bliss, which leads you to Self realization. Despite emphasis on the importance of Asanas, pranayamas and meditation in yoga, the Saadhaka’s (yoga practitioner’s) ultimate goal is a state of peace and supreme stillness.


As modern day humans, we are challenged by the stresses of daily life, and by a fear of the future. This stress and fear can cause serious damage in our societies. The Paramparya Swadhyayam (traditional learning) of Hatha Yoga develops self-awareness, settling the mind and the soul. Practicing Hatha Yoga enables one to manage the complexities of life, meaning that this ephemeral life can be a flame - not a shame!

As humans, we have the opportunity to experience enlightenment. It is our responsibility to chose the right path; the one that the Rishis (the great forefathers - Gurus) have shown us. Hatha Yoga opens up this path for each person who uses it’s approach as part of every day life. Upon this path, happiness is not dependent on any external factors, but comes from within. Because Yoga is not apart from Life - it is a part of Life…


Classes in Paris

Indian Philosophy
Vedanta's class.
Every day.

Every day singing classes and voice training for professionals such as Singers, teachers, public speakers, media animators and presenters ets. 

Group gathering. Once a month at the Ashram

Hatha Yoga Classes
Classes in Paris

Hatha Yoga Classes



Private classes.

Every day.


Tuesday 7:30pm 

Wednesday 7:30pm 

at Ashram

14, Impasse Tournaux 

75012 Paris 

Thursday 7pm

at Studio Marga

12, Rue Godefroy Cavaignac

75011 Paris 



  • Summer retreat 2024
    Summer retreat 2024
    Sat, 03 Aug
    Borgo Tignano
    03 Aug 2024, 07:10
    Borgo Tignano, 56048 Volterra, Pise, Italie
    03 Aug 2024, 07:10
    Borgo Tignano, 56048 Volterra, Pise, Italie
    Summer time Yoga Retreat in Tuscany with Yogacharya Swami Sri Venudas.


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